About a month ago, I bent down to tie my shoes and heard something pop in my back. I could not get up so I immediately went online and searched for a chiropractor. I found Allendale Bone and Joint Clinic. After finding I had a misaligned spine, they quickly started me on therapy. The doctors worked with me every visit and answered all questions I had. I’m happy to say that after a couple of weeks- I am feeling a lot better and almost 100 percent. I would recommend it to anybody. The doctors and their staff are amazing ( you couldn’t be in better hands!). – Ruby Rodriguez Houston,TX

I had been experiencing severe lower back pain for a long time and it was getting worse. A couple of years ago I alson begn experiencing pain between my shoulders. I relied on Aleive and Tylenol to help with my pain. Since I have started care at Allendale Bone and Joint Clinic, I am not taking very much medication, don’t have the pain and spasms between the shoulders, I sleep much better at night, and some have noticed a change in my walk- Hazel Jacobs


I was experiencing reccurring episodes of pain in my lower back and neck. This condition begun about 10 years ago and seemed to becoming more frequent with each passing year. The pain limited my willingness to exercise or participate in sports. As a result of the care at Allendale Bone and Joint Clinic, my overall condition level has improved as I have gained confidence in my ability to stay active including regular exercise. In addition, the staff has always been willing to see me when soreness flares up.- Glen Cullinane

I have had back pain for 4 or 5 years. I thought it was heredity mixed with being involved in a car accident. I just lived with the pain. For several years I refrained from certain activities because I knew they would aggrevate the problem. I was looking online and decided to call. I thought “what do I have to lose.” – Just pain. I have been here for two different problems. I used to have times when the pain was excruciating. That has not happened since I started coming here. – Simon Flores


My upper right arm and shoulder had pain and very limited range of motion. I had this condition for over one year, making movement and any backward reaching extremely painful and difficult. I heard about Allendale Bone and Joint Clinic at the Southwest Airlines health fair. The problem, the pain, the discomfort, and the limited range of motion is completely cured. I now have complete range of motion without discomfort of any type. – Michael Dahlkoetter

I injured my back on a Monday night playing basketball. This affected me greatly since I was not able to pick up my kids, work, and hadly walk. I found Allendale Bone & Joint Clinic on the web. The next day, Tuesday, I came in shuffling my feet bent over like an old man. Within a week, I was able to walk and go back to work. – Johnny Williams